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With the launch of Reagan’s Toy Chest, LRB Enterprises, LLC offers FREE site wide shipping on toys for toddler and educational games.

Today LRB Enterprises, LLC opens their second educational toys for toddler website to the online markets. Boasting a large assortment of educational games and toys for infants all the way to school age children, Reagan’s Toy Chest is offering free site wide shipping.

Reagan’s Toy Chest offers unique gifts for children. You won’t find your garden variety items in this online shop. Educational toys for toddler in this website are focused primarily on stimulating imagination. “I wanted parents to be able to find educational toys and games that would encourage children to think for themselves and truly understand interactive play,”said Lanaya Cooper, owner of LRB Enterprises, LLC.  … READ MORE.

Starting October 1st LRB Enterprises, LLC will donate 10% of all toys for toddler sales to Nourish the Children, a charity focused on ending malnourished children globally.
Beginning October 1st 10% of all sales from the online retail stores of LRB Enterprises, LLC will be donated to Nourish the Children. Purchase toys for toddler and help save a life. Nourish the Children is an initiative of Nu Skin Enterprises focused on putting an end to malnourished children globally.

“This organization is very important to me,” says Lanaya Cooper, founder of LRB Enterprises, LLC. “As a mother I am frightened by the increasing number of malnourished children there are globally. I feel so lucky that I have the means to care for and feed my own child. Still, others are not so lucky and I am saddened by that.” Cooper became involved with Nu Skin, a Utah based company, in January 2012.  … READ MORE.

Reagan’s Toy Chest is now offering an organic line of toys for toddler that not only stimulates your baby’s active play but is healthy and friendly to the environment.

Reagan’s Toy Chest is expanding their online toddler toys catalog to include an organic toys line. The new line of toys for toddler include organic gift basketscatering to the new mother to be as well as organic stuffed animals and teethers.

As babies and toddlers explore their senses at some point toys end up in baby’s mouth. This being one reason organic toddler toys are in high demand as parents want to provide their children with safe products. “It is important for me to cater to all families and their needs,” says Lanaya Cooper, owner of Reagan’s Toy Chest. “Now more than ever we are seeing an increased demand for natural, environmentally friendly toys.”  … READ MORE.

 With the hottest educational toys, unique gits and handcrafted, wooden toys selection online, Reagan’s Toy Chest is your one stop shop for toys for toddler this 2012 holiday season.

Look no further for the hottest toddler toys than Reagan’s Toy Chest. An online, educational toys for toddler store that caters to families looking to promote active play and fun learning for their children. For the 2012 holiday season, present your little ones with toys that will stimulate the imagination.

Products on sale this holiday season and recently added are toddler kitchen play sets and train tables and sets. The new Strider bike, now in stock, is a nice addition to the mobile fun category. It is listed as an all time favorite toddler toy according to … READ MORE.

 Reagan’s Toy Chest has recently teamed up with KidKraft, longtime leading creator and manufacturer of children’s toys for toddler in time to kickoff the 2012 holiday season.

Now available at Reagan’s Toy Chest is the world renowned KidKraft toy line. KidKraft has been the leading creator, manufacturer and distributor of children toys and furniture for over 40 years. Quality products remain the company’s stronghold which is why KidKraft continues to be number one in manufacturing wooden toys and children’s furniture.Personalized gifts are perfect for the holidays and with most KidKraft items you can customize to your needs.

“I am so excited to carry the very popular KidKraft toy line,” said Lanaya Cooper, owner of LRB Enterprises, LLC, owner of Reagan’s Toy Chest. “They are a leader in imaginative play and quality items that is exactly what we strive to provide at Reagan’s Toy Chest! It was a perfect fit that matched our mission of providing toys that are top quality, educational and enhance interactive play.” … READ MORE.

With higher than normal temperatures this Winter, Reagan’s Toy Chest suggests getting your kids outdoors with their expansive line of outdoor toddler toys such as pedal cars, planes and tricycles.

toddler pedal tricycle

Reagan’s Toy Chest has the perfect outdoor toddler toys to make being outdoors a fabulous and fun experience. Expanding their outdoor line of toddler activities, Reagan’s Toy Chest is encouraging parents to take advantage of the higher than normal temperature this Winter season and get outdoors and active with their children.

The year 2012 will almost certainly go down as the warmest in U.S. history, says Deke Arndt, chief of climate monitoring of the National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C in a USA Today report. Much of the country is experiencing higher than normal temperatures and limited snowfall. To squash the onset of cabin fever, Reagan’s Toy Chest has introduced a line of uniquely designed pedal bi-planes, pedal cars and stylish replicas of Sky King Tricycles. Several colors and models are available to match your child’s personality…READ MORE.

The online toy retailer applauds the recent study of psychologists claiming that mother-toddler interaction scores are higher when playing with non-tech toys for toddlers. Benefits include more productive play and learning.

educational toys for toddlers

Reagan’s Toy Chest is supporting the findings of Vancouver psychologists Wooldridge and Shapka for their October 2012 study claiming that mother-toddler interaction scores lower when playing with technology. The study finds that providing educational toys for toddlers and children are essential contributing factors in stimulating development.

The study focuses on how electronic toys affect the way mothers interact with their toddlers while playing with tech-free toys versus electronic toys. The conclusive evidence of the study points to higher productive play and interaction between mothers and their toddlers when playing with tradtional, non-tech toys. {Source: Michaela B. Wooldridge, and Jennifer Shapka (2012). Playing with technology: Mother–toddler interaction scores lower during play with electronic toys. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology.} … READ MORE.

  • Reagan’s Toy Chest Celebrates 2013 Toy Fair With Site Wide Sale on Educational Toys For Toddlers

The 2013 Toy Fair kicked off in New York City on February 10th and Reagan’s Toy Chest is celebrating with a site-wide sale on all educational toys for toddlers. This year, a common theme among new favorites is imaginative play.
toddler toys sale

New York City is hosting the 2013 Toy Fair February 10th – 13th. This year, imaginative play is a common theme and a large highlight of the show. International toy makers come out in droves showing off their new line of toddler toys and show the world that life is all about fun and games.

In honor of the 2013 Toy Fair, Reagan’s Toy Chest is having a sale on all educational toys for toddlers site wide. The internet retailer boasts a large selection of toys and games that are all about this year’s toy fair theme of imaginative play…{Read More}

Reagan’s Toy Chest is encouraging parents to expose musical toys for toddlers to their young children because of a recent study that early musical training enhances brain development and structure.
toddler pianos


Musical toys for toddlers are in abundance in the online catalog at Reagan’s Toy Chest. The online toy store is promoting their category “The Musician” to encourage parents to expose their toddlers early with musical training.

A recently published study in the Journal of Neurosciece suggests that early musical training has positive and long-lasting effects on child development. (Source: Journal of Neuroscience Jan 16, 2013, Authors Christopher J. Steele, Jennifer A. Bailey, Robert J. Zatorre, and Virginia B. Penhune) The impact of musical exposure increases brain development and can be seen as early as in fetal development during pregnancy. {Read More}

  • New Spring Line Of Educational Toys for Toddlers Debuts at Reagan’s Toy Chest

Reagan’s Toy Chest debuts its new line of educational toys for toddlers in their online catalog for Spring. Organic and active play is at the forefront of the family owned business.
eco-friendly puzzles for children

Spring is arriving and Reagan’s Toy Chest, the online, educational toys for toddlers retailer debuts its expanding online catalog. At the forefront are organic toys and items that promote active play and stimulate imagination.

The online catalog boasts several categories that include toys and gifts for infants up to preschool age. The wooden puzzles and wooden toys categories have expanded to include organic items that are made in America. {Read More}

Online Toys For Toddlers Store Reagan’s Toy Chest Chosen As Grand Prize for Educational Learning Giveaway Event

Reagan’s Toy Chest is participating in a week and a half long giveaway event focused on educational learning and will cap off the finale with a grand prize. The giveaway event will be raffling off several educational toys for toddlers along with other child related items.
Educational learning starts at a young age

Beginning Monday, April 22nd a 1-1/2 week giveaway event kicks off focused on ‘it never being too early to learn.’ The event is hosted by the mom bloggers involved in the Thrifty Nifty Mommy Blog Network. Reagan’s Toy Chest has been chosen as the grand prize giveaway to cap off the event on April 30th. {Read More.}

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